The gift of reflection

IMAG0265 (2).jpg

This photo was taken about 7 years ago at a simple park on the Potomac River.  It was taken during a time when life was so easy and carefree.  I had just met my soon-to-be husband one month earlier and we were already in love.  We had dreams of what life would be. Reflecting back, we never could have known the ups and downs we would face in our marriage or the changes we would see in the world.  Just like this gorgeous sunset, all we saw in our reflections was beauty.

And that’s how it should be.

There is often so much to reflect back on in life.  Some brings us pain, some hope, some laughter.  But really, it all has one thing in common….beauty.  

You are beautiful.  I am beautiful.  Life is beautiful.  

And all of it…the good, the bad, and the ugly…

is a gift.


The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is “reflecting”.



WPC: A gift from Mother Earth


In honor of upcoming Earth Day, the WordPress Photo Challenge topic for this week is Earth.

All you have to do is open your eyes or take a deep breath in to appreciate all the gifts that Mother Earth has given us.  With no help from mankind, God uses Mother Earth to send us gifts every day:

  • The fresh smells of roses
  • The bright color of a peacock’s feathers
  • The sound of waves crashing on the beach

We can get no credit for these gifts.  It is God and God alone.

Then, sometimes God gives men the knowledge to create amazing new treasures from Mother Earth.  Paper, medicine, food, and one of favorites…


Even if you are not a fan of wine, you have to admit the beauty of the vineyards themselves is gift alone.

IMG_0660 (2)

IMAG0110 (2)

IMG_0586 (2)

Cheers to Earth Day!

WPC: Nature’s Surprises

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “surprise”.  Life is full of surprises, but who throws more surprises at us than nature…

a sudden clap of thunder when you are in the middle of  a soccer game

a rainstorm in the middle of a sunny spring day

a plant’s first bloom peeking through the leaves

a bright cardinal fluttering in a nearby tree


God loves to surprise us through this beautiful world He created.  Just be sure to keep your eyes open…

you don’t to miss one of the many surprises He has made just for you. 


IMG_3493 (2)

A flock of birds “surprised” by a sudden noise


IMG_2188 (2)

“Surprising” rays of sunshine after a storm

Furball Friday: A Sense of Security

IMG_0466 (2)

The topic of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “security”.  Everyone has something unique that brings them a sense of security.  For Bailey, security means cuddling in his favorite spot with a soft pillow or blanket.  All he needs to feel secure are the people he loves most and a comfy spot to curl up.  

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Furball Friday: It IS easy being green!

IMAG0648 (2)

IMG_2069 (2)

“And the green grass grows all around, all around
The green grass grows all around”

We used to live in a townhouse with a yard the size of a postage stamp.  Poor Bailey was young and rambunctious then and he NEEDED more space.  So, per Bailey’s request, we started house hunting.  What was the #1 must-have on our house wish-list?  A big yard for Bailey to run in.  

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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Shadows” in love

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is “shadow”.  In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, my photo has a loving theme.

This is a picture of my husband and I standing in St.Peter’s Square in Rome.  I like how the hat and bag I was wearing make my shadowed figure look like she is from the Victorian Era with a wide-brimmed hat and hoop skirt.

We are two travelers “Shadowed by Love“.

shadows in love.JPG