Furball Friday: Bailey got his wish!!!


We got flakes!  Yep, you heard that right!  We got snowflakes!

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Furball Friday: A Year Without Winter


Welp, Bailey and I have officially written off winter for this year.  We have had no more than a dusting of snow all “winter” long.  Never in my life do I remember such a sparse winter.  Not only have we had zero snow, but it hasn’t even been very cold. I was holding out hope for the last few weeks of February because we often get snow over President’s Day weekend, but NOPE!  It is forecast to be warm and sunny for the next week!

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Furball Friday: Where’s the snow? (Guest writer: Bailey Boo)


Guest writer:  Bailey Boo the Goldendoodle

Hi guys!  My mom finally let me write my own post!  She usually just posts a bunch of crazy pictures of me and uses my cuteness as inspiration.  I can’t blame her (I mean just look at that face!), but today these words are all mine! 

I convinced my mom to let me write this post today because I have a huge concern that I need to share.  

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Furball Friday: Baby, it’s cold outside!

Most of us here in the States are in the middle of a polar vortex.  As I type this, it is 16 degrees outside at my house.  That is ridiculously cold!  Bailey loves a brisk walk outdoors, but even he needs to bundle up in this weather.  As biting as the cold is, I love it!  Yes, I LOVE cold weather!


Bailey and I during the 2016 Blizzard

In all honesty, I woul rather be cold than hot.  Anyone else with me?

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