Which Way Photo Challenge: Rosemont

One of my favorite places in the world is Lake Gaston.  It is right on the border of North Carolina and Virginia.  It is a beautiful, natural, clean lake.  The people there are delightful and the pace of life is nice and slow.  It’s the type of place where everyone knows each other and the local hardware store is the place to be seen.  One of the gems at Lake Gaston is a local winery called Rosemont.  It is not on the lake but rather set back a bit in the gorgeous Virginia greenery.  We go there for good views, nice conversation, and of course a glass of wine (or two 🙂 ).  Cheers!

IMG_0723 (2)

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Which Way Photo Challenge: Morven Park

A few years ago, we visited Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.  Leesburg is a lovely little town just outside Washington, DC,and Morven Park is just one of its gems.  Morven Park was built around 1760 and has been owned by several wealthy and important families the years.  The main owners were the Swann family for over 100 years, starting with Thomas Swann, Sr. who was the Attorney General for Washington, DC.

The mansion is beautiful, but the grounds are the real stunner.  Here is just a snippet from the walkway to the horse stables.


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