Thursday Doors: Seeing red in Charleston

In continuing with my Charleston theme, I have compiled a few beautiful Thursday Doors that have quite a lot in common.  They all:

  • have a pointed arch
  • are painted a stunning red color
  • belong to the same church

I did a little digging and found that many Episcopal and Lutheran churches have red doors.  The red color is a symbol of “the blood of Christ” which seems fitting for Easter coming up.  There is something about these red doors that just draws you in.  We walked past these doors every time, and each time I stopped to pay homage to their beauty and what they represent.

SAM_2759 (2).JPG

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Thursday Doors- The Gates of Charleston

Last week my Thursday Doors were all about the beauty of arches.  This week we are walking through the gateways of Charleston.

Many of the homes in Charleston have gates.  Some lead to luscious gardens, while others open to cute little entryways for meeting guests.  Of course, leave it to Charleston to leave no detail of their architecture untouched.  Each gate is so lovely, intricate, and unique.  Southern charm at its finest!



My favorite!  So adorable!

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Thursday Doors: The arches of Charleston

Charleston, SC is a photographer’s heaven.  Every house is completely unique, from the sweet tea porches, to the beautiful Victorian accents, to the bright Caribbean paint colors.  And don’t even get me started on the doors…Doors and doors galore!

I have so many pictures of doors from Charleston.  In order to keep things somewhat organized, I am trying to group them into similar features.  Although, frankly some just stand alone in their beauty.

These Thursday Doors all have similar “arch”itecture.  Enjoy!




To see another Charleston arching “door” with a funny twist, check out my “Gateway to Relief” picture.

Thursday Doors: Ephesus, Turkey

My Thursday Doors this week come from the beautiful country of Turkey.  Turkey’s history dates back to biblical times, and I have to say there is something so humbling about walking the same streets as Jesus’ mother and disciples.

This first door is from the home of the Virgin Mary.  This is where St. John took Mary after Jesus died.  It no longer looks like a home inside, but has been converted to a shrine for prayer.  It is visited by people of all faiths.

IMG_2915 (2).JPG

The next 2 doors are from the ruins of ancient Ephesus.  This was a large city and trading center during the days of St. Paul.  It was once full of shops of all kinds. The smaller of the two is a door, or walkway, to a shop.  The streets are lines with these on both sides.


SAM_1871 (2).JPG

Happy Thursday!  🙂

Thursday Doors- Rome

For this week’s Thursday Doors, I bring you a few doors from “The Eternal City” of Rome, Italy!  Many will agree, there is no comparison to the history and architecture of Rome.  You could spend YEARS looking at all the unique doors in Rome.   So here is just the smallest sampling.  Pictures don’t do them justice.

All my doors this week are from churches in Rome.


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Thursday Doors- Santorini, Greece

Today I am linking up with Norm 2.0 for his weekly Thursday Doors.  According to Norm, “Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world.”

I’m drawing from my recent Santorini trip because the colors there are breathtaking!


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