My First Stitch Fix Review- Sept. 2016

I got my first “Fix” of clothes from Stitch Fix last week, and I am beyond thrilled!  It actually arrived 2 days before I scheduled it to, so that was a bonus!   If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, go back and read this post first.

For this Fix, I wrote a very specific note to my stylist.  I was very honest and told her I have endometriosis.  I told her that anything tight on my tummy was a “no-go”.  I explained that my goal was to find clothes that were loose enough for me to be comfortable, but still made me feel beautiful and stylish.  I knew this would be a hard goal to meet.  I usually end up in baggy sweats half way through the day because I just can’t stand the fit of clothes these days.

But let me tell you…my stylist, Anna, did her research!  She rocked my first Fix!

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