DIY Memory Jar

Happy New Year!  I feel like the last year just flew by!  It was a year full of ups and downs, but I find myself wanting to highlight the positive.  I remember the big highlights of the year, but unfortunately so many of those little joyful moments have been forgotten with time.  For the New Year, I have a new plan to hold onto those little moments forever…a DIY Memory Jar!

image1 (16).JPG

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A 12 year old’s funny (but wise) New Year’s resolution

My mom recently found a New Year’s resolution that I had written when I was about 12 years old.  It said “Dear Jesus, for my resolution I promise to pray every day from Christmas to New Year’s.” Hahahahaha…That’s a week, y’all!  I promised to pray for a whole WEEK!  Didn’t I know a New Year’s resolution is supposed to last the whole YEAR?  Oh, the innocence!  🙂  

Then again??  When I really got to thinking about the resolution, I realized how smart a 12 year I really was.  While to an adult this resolution may seem small , it was actually quite brilliant.

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