Friends of the Infertile (NIAW repost)

All friends, check out my Blog Party that is going on in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week.  I have already made many new friends!  

For all those who are not infertile themselves, but know someone who is, this repost of mine is for you.  The infertile are not the only ones hurting during this journey.  We appreciate all your support.


Friends of the Infertile

My best friend recently asked me how our adoption is going.  Unfortunately, I had no news to share with her.  This is a conversation I have with many people, so I am used to disappointing people.  However, my friend’s response was different than I expected…

My friend knows the struggles “The Pilot” and I have been through with infertility and adoption.  She is always kind to ask how things are going, even though she knows that I would run screaming to her doorstep if I had any real news.  Normally, she commiserates with me, lets me complain, and then helps me to get my mind off it.   That is what I need. However, I never stopped to think what SHE needs.

Friend:  “Any news with adoption?”

Me: “Nope, same old, same old.  Wait and pray.”

Friend: Big sigh…”I just don’t understand.  You are a wonderful couple who will be amazing parents.  There are so many others who have kids, but are unable to take care of them.  Why doesn’t God give you a baby?”

Me:  “He will.  It just takes a WHOLE LOT of faith.”

Friend:  “Yea, honestly, I am having a hard time with that.”


She is having a hard time.  Our struggle is testing her faith.  And she is not the only one.

So often I focus on my own sorrow and struggles in this journey.  My pain is so raw that I have a hard time seeing past it.  I forget that I am not the only one bearing this cross.

I have had many friends and family members express their pain and frustration about our situation.  My poor mom went through 6 years of infertility herself and now is watching her daughter go through the same thing.  Every other day I learn of a new person praying for us.

So you see, this cross is not just mine or yours…so many people are having their faith tested through our cross.  We are not alone.  Maybe that is part of the reason for this difficult journey.

When our dreams come true (as I know they will), maybe more good will come from it than we originally imagined.

Maybe our cross can strengthen someone’s faith in God.

That, my friends, would be… pretty. dang. amazing. 🙂

Don’t forget to repay all those friends and family members who are praying for you.  Their faith is also being tested and they need prayers just as much as we do.




Valentines come in all shapes and sizes

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  I am not bitter against it, I just don’t feel a real connection to it.  My hubby and I make a point of celebrating our love every day.  We have date night at least once a week and take little trips throughout the year.  Valentine’s Day is just another day in our love story.

However, I do realize that there are many who are aching for a valentine today.

 Maybe you had love and lost it in one way or another, and you miss your valentine terribly.

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Furball Friday: Peek-a-boo!


Peek-a-boo I see you!  

The weekend is peeking around the corner!  It is so close you can see a glimpse of it!  Just make it through Friday, and around the corner you will be!

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Furball Friday: Walk it off


It’s Friday!!  Finally! 

Bailey is always ready for a walk, but earlier this week, walking was last on my list of things to do.  Honestly, this week kicked my butt!  HARD!

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Furball Friday: Merry Christmas!



What did you ask Santa for Christmas this year?

A new car?

A sweet baby?

A healthy 2017?

A box of dog biscuits? (Oh wait, that’s Bailey’s wish 🙂 )

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Furball Friday: Baby, it’s cold outside!

Most of us here in the States are in the middle of a polar vortex.  As I type this, it is 16 degrees outside at my house.  That is ridiculously cold!  Bailey loves a brisk walk outdoors, but even he needs to bundle up in this weather.  As biting as the cold is, I love it!  Yes, I LOVE cold weather!


Bailey and I during the 2016 Blizzard

In all honesty, I woul rather be cold than hot.  Anyone else with me?

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Serenity Prayer: All you have to do is ASK


I find myself saying this prayer a lot recently.  I said this prayer almost every day of elementary school.  I went to a Christian school, and we said it at the beginning of every physical education class. I did not think much of the words then.  The words did not have the same meaning when I was a carefree child, as they do now.  Now, I cling to these words…pondering what they mean and how to obtain these virtues…even if only for a few minutes. Continue reading

Infertility: Choosing “all of the above”


I am a creature of action.  I like to be in charge, know what’s coming, and be prepared.  However, infertility and adoption don’t really care what you like.  Infertility tears up any  plans you make and then throws the torn pieces up in the air.  You can run around trying to catch all the pieces and put the puzzle together.  But that would be foolish.  You will never be able to catch them all.  You will never be in control. Only God knows the final product.

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The Butterfly Effect

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ that releases hormones that control metabolism in your body.  Just like a butterfly’s unique wings, every person’s thyroid is a little different.  Each thyroid flutters about, releasing the sweet nectar of hormones to help the body function.

However, if the thyroid butterfly flutters too quickly or too slowly… The body wilts.
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