Furball Friday: Happy Earth Day!

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Tomorrow is Earth Day!

Bailey loves every inch of God’s green Earth!  He would like nothing more than to romp and play outside for the rest of his days.  

Bailey’s top 3 favorite things about our beautiful Earth:

  • Grass- I mean really, who doesn’t love a good roll in that soft green carpet?
  • Water-  Ocean, lake, stream, puddle…Bailey will jump in them all.
  • Sticks- As a pup, Bailey had a favorite stick.  He would take it on every walk and leave it at the door when we went inside.  Now, he just eats them (which is not the greatest for his intestines).  It’s a love-hate relationship.

Grass, water, and sticks…they seem like such simple things to love.  But how simple are they really?  Do they require love?- Yes.  Do they require care?- Yes.  Can they run out if not taken care of? – Yes.

Point being– Take care of this wonderful Earth.  It is a gift, and it is our job to make sure it flourishes.  Every time you walk past a piece of litter or leave the faucet running as you brush your teeth, you are taking our Earth for granted and you are slowly taking away the things that Bailey loves most.  So, just remember Bailey.  

A pup whose only wish is to run through a field of greens and swim in sparkling waters.

Happy Earth Day!


Furball Friday: Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter, Friends!

Bailey and I will be celebrating our Easter with God, family, and friends.  Every year it is my family’s tradition to go out to a big brunch on Easter, in addition to an egg hunt and church.  However, this year my hubby and I decided we would like to have a more intimate gathering at our house instead, so we will be having about 14 family members over on Sunday.   Continue reading

Furball Friday: A Sense of Security

IMG_0466 (2)

The topic of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “security”.  Everyone has something unique that brings them a sense of security.  For Bailey, security means cuddling in his favorite spot with a soft pillow or blanket.  All he needs to feel secure are the people he loves most and a comfy spot to curl up.  

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Furball Friday: It IS easy being green!

IMAG0648 (2)

IMG_2069 (2)

“And the green grass grows all around, all around
The green grass grows all around”

We used to live in a townhouse with a yard the size of a postage stamp.  Poor Bailey was young and rambunctious then and he NEEDED more space.  So, per Bailey’s request, we started house hunting.  What was the #1 must-have on our house wish-list?  A big yard for Bailey to run in.  

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Furball Friday: Kiss me, I’m Irish!

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Bailey might not be Irish, but I sure am!

From my speckle of freckles, to the red tint in my hair, to my short stature, to my bright white skin, to my love for all things potato…I cherish my Irish heritage.  (I may have missed the memo on beer and corned beef, but hey, I didn’t say I was FULL Irish!)

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Furball Friday: Just keep smiling

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I hope you have had a wonderful week!  If not, than my hope is that you are able to find something to smile about this weekend.

Bailey always keeps me smiling.  I fall in love with that goofy smile every. single. day.

So just remember the wise words of Bailey Boo…

…you never know who’s falling in love with your smile. 🙂


Furball Friday: Spring is rolling in!

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Today the forecast is 75 degrees and sunny.  Yesterday we hit 80!

Yes, it is still February.

No, there is no snow in sight.

Yes, that makes me sad.


Time to quit crying over what we don’t have and embrace what we do have!

If this “winter” has taught me anything, it is that you can’t dwell on what you don’t have.  Dwelling on it does not make it change.  Rather it is better to be grateful for what you do have and look forward to the spring.  No matter where you live, spring brings so much hope.  Spring is a sign of new life.  It is a sign that fresh and exciting things are coming your way.

For Bailey springmeans, rolling in the freshly cut grass, taking long walks with his family, and chasing after birds in the yard.  For me, on the other hand, spring equals family time.  I adore the town we live in, and I like to explore it with Bailey and my hubby.  We go to shops, grab a bite to eat, sip on a glass of wine, and just enjoy life.

Bales and I may not have gotten the snowy winter that we wanted, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have a fabulous spring.

So, if you are wishing for what you don’t have, it is time to let it go!  Instead of dwelling on the past, look forward to the bright future.  Get excited for what is to come!

Winter is rolling out and spring is rolling in!


Happy Friday, Friends! 🙂


Furball Friday: A Year Without Winter


Welp, Bailey and I have officially written off winter for this year.  We have had no more than a dusting of snow all “winter” long.  Never in my life do I remember such a sparse winter.  Not only have we had zero snow, but it hasn’t even been very cold. I was holding out hope for the last few weeks of February because we often get snow over President’s Day weekend, but NOPE!  It is forecast to be warm and sunny for the next week!

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