Thursday Doors- The Gates of Charleston

Last week my Thursday Doors were all about the beauty of arches.  This week we are walking through the gateways of Charleston.

Many of the homes in Charleston have gates.  Some lead to luscious gardens, while others open to cute little entryways for meeting guests.  Of course, leave it to Charleston to leave no detail of their architecture untouched.  Each gate is so lovely, intricate, and unique.  Southern charm at its finest!



My favorite!  So adorable!

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Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: “Gateway to Relief”

My hubby and I recently took a trip to Charleston, SC.  Neither of us had every been there before, and we were looking for a fun place to go for the weekend.  Charleston was the perfect weekend getaway!  There is such a variety of things to do there from shopping, to touring old plantations, to relaxing on the beach.  So what was my favorite part??

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