March Stitch Fix Haul: Prints for days!

Happy Spring!  Monday was the first official day of spring and you know what that means… warm weather, blooming flowers, bar-b-ques, and lots of outdoor fun!

I can’t wait to embrace the changes in the weather, but before I can, my closet needs a serious refresh!  It is time to trade in those pants for capris and tuck away the sweaters to make room for dresses!  That brings me to my latest Stitch Fix Haul.


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The 6 Stages of Infertility


Infertility can be described in many ways: a roller coaster, a mountain, a marathon.  I see it more as stages.  Most of the stages aren’t pretty, but they are all necessary to make it to the end.  Through my experience, infertility goes through 6 main stages. 

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Stitch Fix Review #2: Their Customer Service Rocks!

My second Stitch Fix came in the mail last week.  My first Fix was such a hit that it took real restraint for me to wait 2 months before scheduling another one.  It was worth the wait though because this time around I got a little surprise from my stylist!


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My First Stitch Fix Review- Sept. 2016

I got my first “Fix” of clothes from Stitch Fix last week, and I am beyond thrilled!  It actually arrived 2 days before I scheduled it to, so that was a bonus!   If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, go back and read this post first.

For this Fix, I wrote a very specific note to my stylist.  I was very honest and told her I have endometriosis.  I told her that anything tight on my tummy was a “no-go”.  I explained that my goal was to find clothes that were loose enough for me to be comfortable, but still made me feel beautiful and stylish.  I knew this would be a hard goal to meet.  I usually end up in baggy sweats half way through the day because I just can’t stand the fit of clothes these days.

But let me tell you…my stylist, Anna, did her research!  She rocked my first Fix!

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I love Stitch Fix! What is it?


I am excited to say that I finally joined the Stitch Fix craze!  I fought the urge for quite some time because:

  1. I don’t like to run with the crowd.

  2. I am all kinds of CHEAP.

  3. I didn’t believe it would work for me.

However, my friend’s adorable wardrobe and my constant battle with today’s fashion, finally convinced me to take the plunge.  My experience with Stitch Fix also gave me the final push to start this blog.  Their attention to my needs (specifically endometriosis) blew me away.  I knew I needed to share my personal experience with others who have needs similar to mine.  So, here you go… Continue reading

Laparoscopy- You found what?!

Image result for surgeon penguin

I used to be so proud of myself, because I had…

  • no broken bones

  • no stitches

  • no surgeries

Then, that all changed.

If you have not read the first part of this story, go ahead and read this post about what led me to schedule my very first surgery for endometriosis.

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Endo Belly

First of all, I want you to know that I am not sharing this post because I want your pity (although prayers are always appreciated).  I am sharing this for the millions of gals out there who are just like me. I want you to know… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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