Husband’s Favorite Gift!

This year my hubby and I did not exchange any Christmas gifts.  We just did a full kitchen renovation and need to save money.  However, my hubby did the whole kitchen reno himself, and I really wanted to say thank you for all his hard work.  (He is still doing finishing touches as I type this.)  So I decided to stay up late and make a BIG and FUN surprise for him… A Scavenger Hunt!!!


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Christmas Tears


Christmas is a very special time for me.  It has nothing to do with presents and everything to do with the the blessings God has given me.  I always reflect on the past year during Christmas Mass.  Surrounded by family and friends, while singing Christmas carols, I reflect on the past year and all the Lord has given me.  However, this reflection has caused me some pain during the past five years.  Every year I am beyond thankful for all I have, but there is a deep ache in my heart for the one wish I have not received yet.

For so many years, all I wished for was my husband.  I have been praying for my husband since 5th grade.  I prayed and prayed that God would give me a kind and faith-filled man to walk through life with.  I went through my share of heart aches and there were years I thought my man would never come.  Was God listening to me?

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Furball Friday: Merry Christmas!



What did you ask Santa for Christmas this year?

A new car?

A sweet baby?

A healthy 2017?

A box of dog biscuits? (Oh wait, that’s Bailey’s wish 🙂 )

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Nashville, TN at Christmas!

The hubby and I have started a tradition of going on a trip together instead of exchanging gifts at Christmas.  We are always in need of some quality time around this time of year.  Last year we went to one of my FAVORITE cities in the US…Nashville, TN!  To me, Nashville screams (or sings) southern hospitality.  The people are kind and the music is amazing.  Christmas is the perfect time to visit Nashville. There is so much to do.  The city is simply magical.

image1 (12).JPG

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Furball Friday: Stopping to enjoy the holiday season


Happy Friday!  The holidays can be crazy!  There is so much to do: buy presents, wrap presents, bake cookies, decorate the house, buy more presents.  The list can be overwhelming.  If you aren’t careful, you will rush right through the holidays without stopping to enjoy it.

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The holidays are hard

I am a Christmas fanatic.  I watch Christmas movies in July just to keep that warm fuzzy holiday feeling going.  I have loved this time of year since I was a little girl.

Butthe holidays are hard.


Infertility has tainted my view of the holidays.  Each of my favorite traditions now has a slightly different feel to it:

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Furball Friday: Trimming the tree!

image1 (11).JPG

Happy December!  This is my FAVORITE time of the year!  No matter what holidays you celebrate, this is a time when you can feel the warmth of the season.  We celebrate Christmas, and one of my favorite traditions is putting up the tree.   Bailey loves to help as well.  I am looking for new traditions to try though.  What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

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