The water is calling my name with the letter O

We have skipped spring and gone straight to summer in my neck of the woods.  So this week, I drew inspiration from the water.  To me, summer = water.  

I long for the water.  The beach, the waves, the shells, the smells.  

If you get there before I do, save me spot in the sand and a drink for my hand.


A lone Oyster shell


IMG_3518 (2)

The calm Ocean after a storm

This is my entry for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Letter O.



Broken pieces of a textured sea

Every shell is unique. Different shape, size, color, and texture.  

Every shell has a history.  Loved by an animal, battered by the seas, washed onto the shores, chosen by an admiring hand.

Loved, and lost, and loved again.

Most shells have been chipped, broken, and bruised over time.  However, that only adds to their beauty.  

I can’t help but thinking shells are a lot like people.  We are all bruised, lost, and worn…

…but we are also all unique, and beautiful, and loved.

IMG_4604 (2)



These photos are my entries for Dutch Goes the Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Broken, De Monte Y Mar’s Tuesdays of Texture,   and Found Round and About’s 52 Tuesdays: Texture

Looking forward to sandy footsteps

Winter, spring, SUMMER!  Yes, the arrival of spring means summer is not far behind!  I fully intend to savor every moment of spring, but that doesn’t mean I can’t also look forward to the excitement of summer.  There are a million smells, tastes, and textures that come to mind when I think of summer.However, one beats out all the rest…

the beach!

I look forward to wiggling my toes in the warm sand and walking along the water, letting the ocean waters wash my worries away.

The beach waits for no one…and I can’t wait for the beach.

IMG_4614 (3).JPG

This is my entry for Dutch Goes the Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Forward and De Monte y Mar’s Tuesdays of Texture.

Marriage is a gift

In my last post, I talked about our weekend getaway to the beach.  While Bailey loved this trip, the purpose was not solely for his pleasure (though he might disagree 🙂 ).  “The Pilot” and I try to take little trips whenever we can to refocus on our marriage.  I know life can be busy and scheduling in time to relax may seem impossible.  However, if you don’t put your marriage first, everything else will crumble…

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Weekend Getaway- Doodle loves the beach!

This past weekend “The Pilot,” Bailey, and I went on a little family getaway.  We went to a nearby beach for a couple days.  It was such a great break from the stress of everyday life …and Bailey loved it too!


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