Our Timeline

June 2010– We met using Match.com…crazy, right?!

Spring 2011– Started on birth control to manage ovarian cysts- doctor recommended being on the medication for at least a year to help prepare my body for conceiving

July 2011– We got married!! 🙂

July 2012– Stopped birth control (Finally!  Horrible stuff!).  Started trying to conceive. Charted cycles and basal body temperature EVERY day.

December 2012– Asked OBGYN when we can start testing for fertility issues- told we had to wait until we were trying for a year.

July 2013– Started infertility testing- NOTHING FOUND 😦  Declared to be in the “unexplained infertility” group.

  • Also attended an information meeting with Catholic Charities Pregnancy and Adoption services

November 2013– Went to a fertility specialist.  She was unsure of the cause but suggested a laparoscopy to look for endometriosis.  I was not ready for surgery so we prayed and felt called to stop the fertility route and go to adoption instead.

  • Officially signed up with Catholic Charities!

June 2014– Homestudy approved!  We are paper pregnant!

September 11, 2014– We enter the Catholic Charities pool of waiting families.

August 2015– Abdominal pain gets worse.  Laparoscopy done.  Stage 2-3 endometriosis found and removed.

July 2016– I am diagnosed with hypothyroidism.


…Still waiting for our little angel to arrive…

Please keep us in your prayers!