WPC: A gift from Mother Earth


In honor of upcoming Earth Day, the WordPress Photo Challenge topic for this week is Earth.

All you have to do is open your eyes or take a deep breath in to appreciate all the gifts that Mother Earth has given us.  With no help from mankind, God uses Mother Earth to send us gifts every day:

  • The fresh smells of roses
  • The bright color of a peacock’s feathers
  • The sound of waves crashing on the beach

We can get no credit for these gifts.  It is God and God alone.

Then, sometimes God gives men the knowledge to create amazing new treasures from Mother Earth.  Paper, medicine, food, and one of favorites…


Even if you are not a fan of wine, you have to admit the beauty of the vineyards themselves is gift alone.

IMG_0660 (2)

IMAG0110 (2)

IMG_0586 (2)

Cheers to Earth Day!


Top 5 things to do in Charleston, SC

No matter what time of year you visit Charleston, SC you can always count on two things:  good down home country cooking and sweet tea hospitality.  Charleston is a perfect weekend getaway or even a home away from home.  Many people go there to visit and end up staying forever.  It’s just that charming.


5 Things to do in Charleston, SC:

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Thursday Doors: Seeing red in Charleston

In continuing with my Charleston theme, I have compiled a few beautiful Thursday Doors that have quite a lot in common.  They all:

  • have a pointed arch
  • are painted a stunning red color
  • belong to the same church

I did a little digging and found that many Episcopal and Lutheran churches have red doors.  The red color is a symbol of “the blood of Christ” which seems fitting for Easter coming up.  There is something about these red doors that just draws you in.  We walked past these doors every time, and each time I stopped to pay homage to their beauty and what they represent.

SAM_2759 (2).JPG

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Fantastic Folly Beach in Charleston, SC



My hubby and I recently took a weekend trip to Charleston, SC.  We wanted to get a taste of some real southern charm!  We always do a little research and make a list of activities we would like to do on a trip.  However, we also like to leave free time for us to stumble upon some local favorites that we could not have planned.  Our best memories often come from the items that were not on our to-do list.  TIP: Don’t over plan!  Enjoy exploring!

This is how we found Folly Beach!  It was freezing in Charleston that weekend (lucky us!) so we went to Walmart to get some warmer clothes.  Then, we headed to Folly Beach, which was close by.  It is only about 20 minutes from downtown Charleston and totally worth the trip.

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Which Way Photo Challenge: Rosemont

One of my favorite places in the world is Lake Gaston.  It is right on the border of North Carolina and Virginia.  It is a beautiful, natural, clean lake.  The people there are delightful and the pace of life is nice and slow.  It’s the type of place where everyone knows each other and the local hardware store is the place to be seen.  One of the gems at Lake Gaston is a local winery called Rosemont.  It is not on the lake but rather set back a bit in the gorgeous Virginia greenery.  We go there for good views, nice conversation, and of course a glass of wine (or two 🙂 ).  Cheers!

IMG_0723 (2)

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Oddball Photo Challenge: Bookin’ it

I stumbled upon this interesting sight while walking the streets of Charleston.  I know everyone has a favorite item to tote around, but this is certainly a stack above the rest.   I think whoever owns this bike better “book it” to their next destination or they might lose a few good men (and women).




This is my entry for Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge.  “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge (COB) is all about those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.”


Which Way Photo Challenge: Morven Park

A few years ago, we visited Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.  Leesburg is a lovely little town just outside Washington, DC,and Morven Park is just one of its gems.  Morven Park was built around 1760 and has been owned by several wealthy and important families the years.  The main owners were the Swann family for over 100 years, starting with Thomas Swann, Sr. who was the Attorney General for Washington, DC.

The mansion is beautiful, but the grounds are the real stunner.  Here is just a snippet from the walkway to the horse stables.


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Roman sideviews, full of texture

I am missing Rome.  The beauty, the history, the ART.  

So for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, I decided to hunt through my pictures from Rome for a few unique ones I had not shared yet.  Cee’s topic for this week’s challenge is :View from the Side.  Such an interesting perspective to take and one we often forget about.

I also feel that all 3 of these pictures show lovely and unique texture, so this is my entry for De Monte Y Mar’s Tuesdays of Texture, as well.





“Sphere within a Sphere” in Vatican museums


Wolf statue in Vatican museums



The Turkish Cat

On our recent trip to Turkey, we walked the beautiful streets of ancient Ephesus, learned about the process of making genuine silk carpets, and visited the Virgin Mary’s home.  The beauty and awe of these experiences are etched in my mind forever.

However, there was another Turkish sight that also stuck in my mind for a completely different reason…

the Turkish cat.


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Which Way Photo Challenge: Choo Choo Chicago

There are many reasons I love participating in blogging photography challenges.  

It is NOT because I am pro photographer.  I don’t have a fancy camera to show off my sweet skills. I am a total beginner in the photography world.  In fact, is there something below beginner?  That’s me.

But I DO love the new view photography put on life.  Now when I look at the world I see beautiful pictures everywhere.  It’s amazing!  Each blade of grass and pebble on the beach is an opportunity to appreciate God’s creativity and try to capture just an ounce of its beauty in a picture.

It has also given me an excuse to go through old pictures on the computer and bring them back to life.

This week’s picture is actually one that my husband took in Chicago many years ago before he met me (hard to believe he did cool things before me haha).  I would never have seen this picture or appreciated it if it weren’t for the blog world.  

I am very grateful for my new view on life.

Chicago (2).jpg

Head to Cee’s page to check out her Which Way Photo Challenge and other participant’s entries.