Meet Meghan

I am a gal who loves her faith, family, and friends.  I am a certified elementary school teacher with a deep passion for education and helping kids grow.

My hubby (or “The Pilot”, as I will affectionately call him) and I met in 2010 and married a year later.  We would love to grow our little family, but have found many roadblocks.  We have been trying to conceive since we got married, without any luck.  We also feel called to adopt and have been waiting to be matched since June 2014.  Waiting is hard to do on your own; so I started this blog to connect with others who are also waiting for their bundles of joy to arrive.

There are many things that make me “whistle while I wait”.  My grandma was an artist and she passed that down to me.  While I do not paint and draw like she did, I show my creativity through my love of dance and all things crafty.  My other passions (or obsessions ) include: fashion, health, and my Doodle.  “The Pilot” and I enjoy taking our Goldendoodle, Bailey, on walks and exploring new places whenever we get the chance.

I can’t wait to share our journey and joyful (or not so joyful) moments with you!