An Emotional Sky

The topic of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is “Sky”.  This is one of my favorite topics ever.  The sky never ceases to amaze me.  Sometimes I think the sky is more human than we give it credit.  The sky wears its emotions right on its sleeve.

A stormy sky = an angry sky

A gray drizzly sky = a sleepy, lazy sky

A rainbow after the storm = a hopeful sky

A beautiful blue sky = a cheerful sky


What emotions do you think the sky is trying to show in these pictures?

20161011_065239 (2)

20161013_172929 (2)



7 thoughts on “An Emotional Sky

  1. Sometimes a sunset makes me slightly melancholic, as if to suggest the quick passage of time, and that one day, it shall be all over. At other times it makes me quite so nostalgic and images of playing on the beach as a child come back to me. The sky in the second photo is as gorgeous as the first one but it makes me less contemplative and sends me into a reach-out-for-the-second-scone-and-sip-on-tea-while-reading-a-thriller mode.

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