Caught in a Downpour! (NIAW repost)

The National Infertility Awareness Week Blog Party is still going- join in!  It’s open to everyone!  Here is my second infertility-themed repost about a comical moment  that taught me a valuable lesson.


Caught in a Downpour!

Yesterday I was walking Bailey and out of nowhere it started POURING!  It was not just pouring cats and dogs…all of Noah’s Ark was pouring down on us!  We were stuck  clear on the other side of the neighborhood, so there was nothing to do but make a run for it.  And run we did…

I could not see a thing!  I have taken showers that were less wet.  About half way through, when I could see the rain was not letting up and Bailey, my Fit Bit, and I were soaked to the bone…I stopped running.  I stopped running and started to laugh…


I laughed out loud, and I thought:

  1. Why have I never done this before?  Playing in the rain rocks!
  2. I hope my Fit Bit doesn’t die, but if it does, does that mean I can stop working out? haha
  3. This is the story of my life.

What I mean by #3 is this…Lately, I have been feeling pretty upbeat.  I recently switched jobs (which I will go into at a later time), I am really enjoying the blog world, and I am just overall happier.  But as I described in my last post, the pains of infertility can sneak up out of nowhere and… BAM!  You are stuck in a downpour of emotion.

Sometimes I feel guilty when I have good days because I know that all around the world there are women (and men) who are caught in their own downpour.  How can I have a happy day when so many others are struggling to walk through the rain, much less splash in the puddles?  But then I have to remember, that my happiness does not come at someone else’s expense.  I also remind myself that this is a roller coaster I am on.

Yesterday I was caught in a downpour and I was able to laugh.  I saw the beauty in the moment and thanked God for it.  However, tomorrow there might be another downpour…and this time tears may come, instead of laughter.

If you are caught in your own downpour, and you find yourself laughing, good for you.  Enjoy every second of it.  But if you are stuck in a stormy shower, unable to see your way out…hold on…the storm will end…the sun will shine…

and your rainbow WILL come.



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