Furball Friday: Happy Earth Day!

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Tomorrow is Earth Day!

Bailey loves every inch of God’s green Earth!  He would like nothing more than to romp and play outside for the rest of his days.  

Bailey’s top 3 favorite things about our beautiful Earth:

  • Grass- I mean really, who doesn’t love a good roll in that soft green carpet?
  • Water-  Ocean, lake, stream, puddle…Bailey will jump in them all.
  • Sticks- As a pup, Bailey had a favorite stick.  He would take it on every walk and leave it at the door when we went inside.  Now, he just eats them (which is not the greatest for his intestines).  It’s a love-hate relationship.

Grass, water, and sticks…they seem like such simple things to love.  But how simple are they really?  Do they require love?- Yes.  Do they require care?- Yes.  Can they run out if not taken care of? – Yes.

Point being– Take care of this wonderful Earth.  It is a gift, and it is our job to make sure it flourishes.  Every time you walk past a piece of litter or leave the faucet running as you brush your teeth, you are taking our Earth for granted and you are slowly taking away the things that Bailey loves most.  So, just remember Bailey.  

A pup whose only wish is to run through a field of greens and swim in sparkling waters.

Happy Earth Day!


8 thoughts on “Furball Friday: Happy Earth Day!

  1. The simple joys a dog has…if only we could be a little bit more like them and take such happiness in everything. Happy Earth Day! I for one plan on planting a tree or two tomorrow, and creating an herb garden out of a recycled shipping pallet. Cheers!

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