Top 5 things to do in Charleston, SC

No matter what time of year you visit Charleston, SC you can always count on two things:  good down home country cooking and sweet tea hospitality.  Charleston is a perfect weekend getaway or even a home away from home.  Many people go there to visit and end up staying forever.  It’s just that charming.


5 Things to do in Charleston, SC:

  1. Carriage Ride:  If you are interested in the history of Charleston, this is the way to learn it.  There are several carriage companies downtown.  We chose Palmetto Carriage Works, and they were very good.  You sign up for a time and they fill up quickly, so book it early in the day.  You will be on a carriage with about 10-15 people.  The carriage drivers are very knowledgeable, and its a great way to see the city and rest your feet at the same time (bring good walking shoes…you will be glad you did).  


20170128_154546 (2)

2. City Market–  This historical market was built in 1790 and stretches the length of four city blocks.  Historically, this was the site that farmers and plantation owners would come to sell their goods.  Now, it is a large craft market with some really unique items.  The most famous crafts you will find are the sweetgrass baskets.  These were originally made to carry rice in from the fields.  Now they are beautifully crafted souvenirs.



3.  Rainbow Row– This is a big tourist attraction.  When you see pictures of Charleston, you see Rainbow Row.  It consists of 14 Georgian row homes that were painted bright pastel colors when they were restored in the 1930s and 40s.  Honestly, all the homes in Charleston are gorgeous so if you blink you will miss this famous row.  It is certainly a photo opp, but all the homes down there are worth admiring.

20170130_111451 (2).jpg

4. Boone Hall Plantation– This plantation really deserves a full post of its own.  It was built in 1691 and the home itself is gorgeous.  However, it is the grounds and entry way of draping oak trees that line the long road to the home that really takes your breath away.  This home is often featured in movies, such as The Notebook.  It is also the site for many Charleston events.  We attended the Lowcounty Oyster Festival there (HIGHLY recommend this event, fun for all, even if are like me and don’t enjoy oysters).  The plantation is located about 20 minutes outside downtown Charleston, but so worth the trip.

IMG_4532 (2)


5. Waterfront Park– This is a 12 mile park that stretches along the Cooper River.  There is a long pier with swings and benches at one end.  If you continue walking you will find several gardens, statues, and fountains to admire.  We went both at sunset and daytime.  I recommend both, as they give a different view.  Sunset is always a romantic choice though, if you only have time for one.

20170129_174112 (2)


There are SO many more things to in Charleston.  These are just 5 of the most popular.  I also recommend Folly Beach, which I wrote about previously, and try all the food you possibly can.  It is totally worth the calories. 🙂

Bye, Y’all





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