Furball Friday: Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter, Friends!

Bailey and I will be celebrating our Easter with God, family, and friends.  Every year it is my family’s tradition to go out to a big brunch on Easter, in addition to an egg hunt and church.  However, this year my hubby and I decided we would like to have a more intimate gathering at our house instead, so we will be having about 14 family members over on Sunday.  

Bailey does not know of these plans yet, but you can bet he will be THRILLED when he finds out.  As you can probably imagine, he is quite beloved by all our family members.  Bailey even gets his own Easter basket full of treats.  🙂  But Bailey is not the only one who is loved.

Easter reminds me of the sacrifice Jesus made for those He loves…each of us.

No matter what religion you practice, use this time to reflect on the ones you love and the sacrifices you have made and will make for them.  They are worth love and sacrifice…

and so are YOU.



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