Spring Stitch Fix Haul!


If you remember from my last post, I usually only get one Fix per season.  However, I only purchased one item from the Fix I had a couple weeks ago, and I was still in desperate need of tops for spring so…I ordered another Fix!  🙂

First a bit about Stitch Fix:

Stitch Fix is a lovely company.  I am not sponsored by the company, but I do love spreading the word about them because they have made such a difference in my life.  Stitch Fix has really transformed the way I view my body and how I approach shopping.  If you want to learn more about Stitch Fix, check out my previous post.  Essentially, it is a personal styling company that works to fit your physical, style, and budget needs.    

**If you would like to try Stitch Fix, please consider using my referral code so I can get a few dollars towards my next Fix and you get some fabulous clothes.  Thanks!**

Now let’s check out my haul!

Let me just start this by saying that as soon as my clothes had shipped and I peeked at the shipment, I knew I was going to have some tough decisions on my hands.  (PS- Did you know you can peek at your clothes, once they have shipped, but before they reach your door step?  You will receive an email once your clothes have shipped.  Then, go into the app and click on “Checkout”.  You obviously do not have to checkout then, but you can flip through each item and just cancel when you are done looking.  I know it’s cheating, but I love the sneak peek! 🙂 )

I asked Anna for all tops and maybe a dress this Fix.  I didn’t ask for many specifics, just told her to have fun with it…and FUN she had!

IMG_5730 (2)

  1. Alice Blue Belgum Button Back Top:  This top is made of a very thin and light material.  The print is gorgeous and the buttons on the back are subtle.  The price is right.  The only reason I didn’t buy this top is that I have another shirt in my closet that is similar.  I still kinda regret sending this one back.  

Verdict: Regrettably returned


2. Papermoon Mula Knit Tank ($38):  This must be a newbie because Stitch Fix didn’t have a picture of it on the app.  This is a very comfortable tank top that has a little stretch.  I love the colors (anything with turquoise is a win in my book)!  However, I didn’t really feel like it did anything for me, perhaps a little big in areas.

Verdict: Returned

IMG_5734 (2)

3. Alice Blue Thierry Scoop Neck Blouse:  I love everything about this flowy top.  It has hints of my favorite turquoise and will go well with the mint green Liverpool capris from my last Fix.  This was my hubby’s favorite too.

Verdict:  Kept

IMG_5733 (2)

4. Skies Are Blue Dakoda 2fer Dress: This dress is SO cute and fit my perfectly!  And do you see the color?!  I was all set to buy it, until I read the care tag.  DRY CLEAN ONLY.  Dry cleaning = ironing.  I don’t like to do either.  

Verdict: Returned

IMG_5731 (2)

5. Hailey 23 Hiatt Kimono:  I pinned a similar kimono on my Pinterest board.  Anna said she picked this for me because she thought the colors would look great with my skin tone.  She was right!  Unfortunately kimonos tend to swallow me.  They cover up my figure, and as my mother said, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

Verdict: Returned


I could easily have kept everything in this Fix.  To be honest, I had been gifted a couple cute tops the day before my Fix arrived, and I didn’t want to overdue it.  I think this Fix fit my style to a tee.  They say, the more Fixes you have, the better they fit your style over time, and I can definitely see that is the case.

Need a little pampering or just a spring refresh, try Stitch Fix!  You are worth it!  🙂

Happy Spring!



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