Furball Friday: A Sense of Security

IMG_0466 (2)

The topic of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “security”.  Everyone has something unique that brings them a sense of security.  For Bailey, security means cuddling in his favorite spot with a soft pillow or blanket.  All he needs to feel secure are the people he loves most and a comfy spot to curl up.  

For me, security means feeling safe both physically and emotionally.  

My home brings me security.  It is safe and filled with my family’s memories.

My hubby brings me security.  I always feel secure enough to be myself with him.

My dog brings me security.  He gives me unconditional love.  He also keeps perpetual watch of our home from the front window.  He is a great friend and security guard.

IMG_0878 (2)


Take some time this Friday to think of the things that bring you security…security in yourself, your ideas, your safety, your dreams.  Rejoice in those gifts and the beautiful sense of security they bring you.  We all deserve to feel secure.

Happy Friday!



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