Fantastic Folly Beach in Charleston, SC



My hubby and I recently took a weekend trip to Charleston, SC.  We wanted to get a taste of some real southern charm!  We always do a little research and make a list of activities we would like to do on a trip.  However, we also like to leave free time for us to stumble upon some local favorites that we could not have planned.  Our best memories often come from the items that were not on our to-do list.  TIP: Don’t over plan!  Enjoy exploring!

This is how we found Folly Beach!  It was freezing in Charleston that weekend (lucky us!) so we went to Walmart to get some warmer clothes.  Then, we headed to Folly Beach, which was close by.  It is only about 20 minutes from downtown Charleston and totally worth the trip.


 They just happened to be having a festival in the downtown area with love music, local artisans, and delicious southern cuisine.  We ate at Taco Boy, which was my favorite meal of the whole trip.  They have some really unique tacos and the atmosphere is eclectic.


 We also had an app and drinks at Rita’s, a fun beach bar atmosphere with a wide variety of drinks and foods.  I strongly recommend their mojitos. 🙂


We also headed to the beach.  It may have been freezing, but if there is a beach we will be there.  There are many high rises and beach houses along the beach, so I imagine this place is really poppin’ in the warm months.

20170128_124218 (2).jpg

We also went to another section of the beach known as Folly Beach County Park.  This is a protected park without many homes.  There are many activities there through the year.  In the winter it was simply stunning and peaceful.

IMG_4579 (2).JPG

Folly Beach was a very pleasant surprise on our trip to Charleston.  I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip there if you ever get the chance to visit the area.  Folly Beach is a true gem!


Stay tuned for more about our trip to charming Charleston.




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