Furball Friday: It IS easy being green!

IMAG0648 (2)

IMG_2069 (2)

“And the green grass grows all around, all around
The green grass grows all around”

We used to live in a townhouse with a yard the size of a postage stamp.  Poor Bailey was young and rambunctious then and he NEEDED more space.  So, per Bailey’s request, we started house hunting.  What was the #1 must-have on our house wish-list?  A big yard for Bailey to run in.  

Hence, our current house.  In fact, when we first saw it, the house itself was not in the best shape…it definitely needed some TLC, but the yard spoke to us.  We knew it was the answer to Bailey’s prayers.  

He could not be more happy.  When we first brought him to the house, he ran and ran and ran to his heart’s content. Every morning, he will spend a solid 30 minutes laying in the grass.  Then, every afternoon, he goes out for his daily rolling session.  

The green grass has given my sweet pup peace.  The second we moved into this house, he had a new sense of calm.  He truly believes that bed of soft green grass is a carpet made just for him by God.  And who am I to tell him otherwise?

Thank you, God, for the green grass…Love, Bailey 🙂

This is Bailey’s entry for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge “It IS easy being green!”


3 thoughts on “Furball Friday: It IS easy being green!

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  2. Your grass looks phenominal! Bailey seems to think so too haha.

    We’re planning to move this summer from a rowhome to single family house, and #1 on our list is also a big yard for Puppy. So important! He’s 1/2 greyhound, so even more reason to need space to run.

    Sometimes God shows me through Puppy that being contented and appreciating the little blessings in life is far more important than the “big” stuff. The things our dogs can teach us. 🙂

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    • Thanks, I will tell my hubby your compliment about the grass… that will make him proud!
      And yes, puppies are definitely a big gift from God in so many ways. Bailey has taught me many life lessons.
      Good luck in your house hunting this summer!


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