March Stitch Fix Haul: Prints for days!

Happy Spring!  Monday was the first official day of spring and you know what that means… warm weather, blooming flowers, bar-b-ques, and lots of outdoor fun!

I can’t wait to embrace the changes in the weather, but before I can, my closet needs a serious refresh!  It is time to trade in those pants for capris and tuck away the sweaters to make room for dresses!  That brings me to my latest Stitch Fix Haul.


Stitch Fix is a lovely company.  I am not sponsored by the company, but I do love spreading the word about them because they have made such a difference in my life.  Stitch Fix has really transformed the way I view my body and how I approach shopping.  If you want to learn more about Stitch Fix, check out my previous post.  Essentially, it is a personal styling company that works to fit your physical, style, and budget needs.    

**If you would like to try Stitch Fix, please consider using my referral code so I can get a few dollars towards my next Fix and you get some fabulous clothes.  Thanks!**

Now onto the clothes!  I only have the budget to do one Fix per season.  I get a few staple pieces to start off the season and then supplement with other pieces from my closet.  After a dreary winter, I wanted some fun prints and pops of color for my spring Fix.  I asked Anna (once you find a stylist you like, ask for them each time) for some mint colored capris, a relaxed sun dress, and tops with a lot of flow.  Anna is fantastic at dressing my body, while keep my endometriosis in mind.  She always sends pieces that take the pressure off my tummy.  Love her!



  1. Loveappella Carlita Knit Maxi Dress: This is a well-made, comfy maxi.  It fit me very well and the length was perfect for my short frame.  However, the low neckline mixed with the tighter fabric on my chest just wasn’t comfortable for me.  My husband literally BEGGED me to keep this dress!  He said it was much more flattering than it came across in pictures, but I just can’t go for something I am not comfortable in.  I had to cover myself with a jean jacket just to feel comfortable sharing pictures.Verdict:  Returned



2. Papermoon Dani Cold Shoulder Knit Top: I pinned several cold-shoulder tops on my Pinterest board.  It was something out of my comfort zone that I wanted to try.  Unfortunately, this top was not the right one for me.  It just did nothing for me in the fit and color.  It is a nicely made and soft shirt, just not for me.  Enough said.

Verdict: Returned



3. Liverpool Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean:  I LOVE the Liverpool brand of pants!  I have bought one from each of my fixes.  I wear them all the time and often get compliments.  They have a soft elastic waist band, instead of a zipper, which allows my tummy to have the space it needs.  I asked for capris in this Fix, but they didn’t have any in yet, so Anna sent me these jeans.  They hit me right at the ankle and are a little short to wear without cuffing, but that works perfect for me! 

Verdict: KEPT

4. Honey Punch Seaside Mixed Material Top: I actually pinned this top on my Pinterest board.   I liked the mixture of materials and the print on the back is beautiful.  However, this is a very thin shirt and was already coming unraveled on one sleeve.  I knew I could ask for another one, but I just didn’t think the material would hold up in the wash.  The back was also very sheer so I would need to wear a tank top underneath, which would kind of ruin the effect in my opinion.

Verdict: Returned


5. Papermoon Norris Split Neck Top: This top has a nice flowy fit.  I went back and forth on this one.  It is definitely my style, but I did not love the print.  I have the shopping motto these days: If you don’t love it, leave it…so off it went.

Verdict: Returned


Even though I only bought one thing, I really loved all the pieces in this Fix.  Stitch Fix does not aim to have you love all 5 items (although if you do, you get 25% off and it makes a big difference in price!).  Their aim is for you to buy 1-3 items.  I loved the Liverpool mint jeans so that is a win for me.  However, I really need tops for spring so I decided to order another Fix next week of just tops and maybe a dress.  Stayed tuned!

To see more of my past Fixes, check out the Stitch Fix tab in my home menu.  Thanks for stopping by!



5 thoughts on “March Stitch Fix Haul: Prints for days!

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  2. Good Fix! I loved that seaside mix top, it looks really good on you! And the pants are such a perfect color for spring.

    I only splurge on a Fix twice a year: Christmas and birthday. I love their clothes, but they’re seriously waaaaay out of my budget (you can usually find me over at a store’s clearance rack, scooping up pieces for the upcoming opposite season haha). I wish they had a Stitch Fix clearance section. I’d be all over that.

    Anyway, I loved the pieces they sent you, except for the pattern on that last shirt. Hopefully as you continue to order, they’ll be able to narrow down more to your taste so you can keep more than just one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally hear you about the price. It is WAY out of my usual comfort zone. I pretty much don’t shop at all anymore though, so that’s how I rationalize it. I also feel like the quality of the clothes has been really good so far, so they will hopefully last a bit longer. If they made a Stitch Fix clearance program though, I would be the first to sign up! Thanks for your encouraging words…fingers crossed for some good tops in my Fix next week!


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