My favorite flower

I ADORE flowers.  My hubby is welcome to bring them home anytime he wants (hint, hint), but what I really love is seeing flowers peeking up through my garden.  I love watching my perennials pop up and slowly stretch themselves to a full bloom, as if they are stretching their arms from the long winter nap.

I am often discovering new varieties of plants that I would love to add to my garden, but one plant remains my all-time favorite.  The hydrangea.

I marvel in the delicate nature of the hydrangea petals.  They look like clusters of little butterflies.  You never know how many blooms you will get each year, which always excites me.  I already had little buds forming on mine.  I also love how just by changing the acidity of the soil, you can get a completely different color of blooms.  I have a variety of colors in my yard, but my favorite right now is this delicate pink bloom from a hydrangea my 2nd graders gave me one year.  I only got only one late bloom my first year after planting it, but it was so beautiful that it was worth the wait.  

A simple and lovely reminder that the best things in life are worth the wait.

IMG_2382 (2).JPG

This is my entry for De Monte Y Mar’s  Tuesdays of Texture and Dutch Goes the Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Spring.




20 thoughts on “My favorite flower

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  2. Beautiful post. Hydrangea’s are one of my grandma’s favorites, we don’t have a lot of success maintaining them outside a control environment though. I think she told me it was the temperature that throws them off here.
    They must be beautiful to watch bloom in the garden.
    Thanks so much for sharing your post in Tuesdays of Texture!

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