The Turkish Cat

On our recent trip to Turkey, we walked the beautiful streets of ancient Ephesus, learned about the process of making genuine silk carpets, and visited the Virgin Mary’s home.  The beauty and awe of these experiences are etched in my mind forever.

However, there was another Turkish sight that also stuck in my mind for a completely different reason…

the Turkish cat.


All over Turkey, there are stray cats and dogs.  Not all cultures keep dogs and cats as pets, like we do in America.  Most of these strays are quite friendly and look well-fed.  They are good at scavenging, especially from pet-loving tourists like myself.  This sweet cat was basking in a shady spot in the ruins of Ephesus.  

I got the feeling that these animals know more about the country than any human. They have walked the streets, met locals and tourists alike, and seen the daily changes of the culture.  They are simply impartial observers.

If only we could see life through a cat’s eyes.

This is my entry for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge.



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