Why should we censor our souls?

Friends would describe me as an upbeat positive person.  I don’t hold grudges and I don’t often let things get me down.  I try very hard to keep a positive attitude, not only for myself, but for the sake of others.  I want to lift others up with my presence, not bring them down by “burdening” them with my troubles.

As a result, I have a hard time expressing sadness, frustration, or anger with even those I am closest to.  For some reason, I have always felt weak for expressing these emotions, like by showing sadness or frustration, I was not being a good example of faith and strength.

But that is not the case.  Not. At. All.

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A dear friend recently offered me some words of wisdom that I thought I should share.  No matter what type of struggle you are experiencing, these words send an important message.


When speaking to my friend about our struggles with infertility and adoption, and fighting back the tears that so desperately wanted to break free, my friend simply stated:

It is ok to feel sad.  God gave us emotions for a reason.  Why would He give us something that He didn’t want us to share or feel?”

Hmmmmm, she had a point there.


Emotions are the vocabulary of our soul.  Our soul can not be seen or heard; therefore, God gave us emotions as a way for our soul to express itself.  Why should we censor our souls?


Just because we feel sad does not mean we are not trusting God.  We are simply letting our soul speak its mind.  Even Jesus felt the human emotions of sadness, frustration, and anger.  As long as we do not get lost in our emotions and lose sight of God’s other gifts, we should feel free to express the God-given gift of emotions.


I am strong, but I am also sad.

I have faith, but I am also weary.

I have hope, but I am also downtrodden.


If you need to scream, go for it.  If you need to cry, grab a tissue, If you need to laugh, make it loud!  At the end of the day, just remember who gave you those emotions, and..

thank Him for giving your soul a way to speak.



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