Which Way Photo Challenge: Choo Choo Chicago

There are many reasons I love participating in blogging photography challenges.  

It is NOT because I am pro photographer.  I don’t have a fancy camera to show off my sweet skills. I am a total beginner in the photography world.  In fact, is there something below beginner?  That’s me.

But I DO love the new view photography put on life.  Now when I look at the world I see beautiful pictures everywhere.  It’s amazing!  Each blade of grass and pebble on the beach is an opportunity to appreciate God’s creativity and try to capture just an ounce of its beauty in a picture.

It has also given me an excuse to go through old pictures on the computer and bring them back to life.

This week’s picture is actually one that my husband took in Chicago many years ago before he met me (hard to believe he did cool things before me haha).  I would never have seen this picture or appreciated it if it weren’t for the blog world.  

I am very grateful for my new view on life.

Chicago (2).jpg

Head to Cee’s page to check out her Which Way Photo Challenge and other participant’s entries.



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