Our European Adventure: Last stop, Crete!

I wrote all about our European Adventure from Rome to Santorini to Turkey to Athens, and I completely forgot to tell you about our last stop…Crete!  Oh, how could I forget about amazing Crete!  


The beauty and grace of the island brought out the ballerina in me.

Crete is the most highly populated of all the Greek islands.  It is a very modern town at first glance, but once you step outside the main cities, there is so much history and beauty to be uncovered.  It is so lovely, that according to Greek mythology, the Minotaur used Crete as its home.

Crete was the last stop on our cruise and unfortunately, we could only spend a few quick hours there.  Because this was our last stop, we chose to do some exploring on our own, without a tour guide.  


From the main cruise port, you must take a quick bus ride into the city of Chania.  Chania is known for its Venetian Harbour.  It has stunning waterfront views, beaches, restaurants, and shopping.  I wish I had know how wonderful the shopping would be there.  I would have saved all my spending money until the end.  We got beautiful pashminas, soaps, and spices there.  The quality of goods (especially the pashminas) in Crete was much higher than Athens or Santorini, in my opinion.

Once we finished shopping, we went to one of the public beaches.  The water is stunningly clear and blue.  The beach was not super crowded and very peaceful when we went.  I could have floated there forever.



From there we headed to one of the waterfront restaurants to order a snack and a bottle of wine.  Unfortunately, their power went out, so we did not get to eat any food there.  But, it was worth stopping by just for the view.


Crete was an unexpected joy.  I knew nothing about this island going into the trip and now I have a burning desire to know so much more.  This would be a wonderful island to spend a week or more on, just exploring and basking in the Greek culture.

This is not goodbye, Europe, but rather…

See you later! 🙂


For more about our European Adventure, click the travel link in the home menu.



6 thoughts on “Our European Adventure: Last stop, Crete!

  1. My great-grandfather came to the United States at the turn of the century from Crete….I would LOVE to visit someday! Thank you for sharing these photos and your experience, what a beautiful place. And that’s definitely the kind of water I could enjoy swimming in – how clear!! ^_^

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