Furball Friday: A Year Without Winter


Welp, Bailey and I have officially written off winter for this year.  We have had no more than a dusting of snow all “winter” long.  Never in my life do I remember such a sparse winter.  Not only have we had zero snow, but it hasn’t even been very cold. I was holding out hope for the last few weeks of February because we often get snow over President’s Day weekend, but NOPE!  It is forecast to be warm and sunny for the next week!

Poor Bailey’s plea for snow was not answered.  He has not gotten to eat one single snowflake.  He has not been able to pounce on any snowmen.  What is a dog to do?

We are left to dream of winters past.  The above picture is from a snowstorm several years ago.  Pictures are the closest we will get to snow this year.  I don’t know what we did to make the snow gods mad at us, but we are forced to move on.  

Goodbye Winter!  Hope to see you next year! and …

Bring on Spring! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Furball Friday: A Year Without Winter

  1. Yes I officially hate this winter. What is a girl from Michigan to do with our her precious fourth season? Travel further north! Seven hours to the UP where I arrived to find 18 inches of snow last weekend. Alas…it is raining now however!

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  2. We had a couple of storms out here on the Cape, but nowhere near the usual. I’m sorry your adorable fur baby did not get to bounce around in the snow drifts. But he’s sure to have a good time running in the green grass and sunshine. Give him a hug from Frances D 🙂

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