Thursday Doors: Ephesus, Turkey

My Thursday Doors this week come from the beautiful country of Turkey.  Turkey’s history dates back to biblical times, and I have to say there is something so humbling about walking the same streets as Jesus’ mother and disciples.

This first door is from the home of the Virgin Mary.  This is where St. John took Mary after Jesus died.  It no longer looks like a home inside, but has been converted to a shrine for prayer.  It is visited by people of all faiths.

IMG_2915 (2).JPG

The next 2 doors are from the ruins of ancient Ephesus.  This was a large city and trading center during the days of St. Paul.  It was once full of shops of all kinds. The smaller of the two is a door, or walkway, to a shop.  The streets are lines with these on both sides.


SAM_1871 (2).JPG

Happy Thursday!  🙂


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