Challenge Yourself!

I am pretty new to the blogging world.  As a newbie, I am constantly finding fresh and exciting aspects of this world that peak my interest.  My favorites so far:

  1. Blog Parties (aka Meet and Greets, Link-ups, Blog round-ups)
  2. Blog Challenges

Quotes About Challenging Yourself

  1. Blog Parties: Blog parties are meetups for blogs of all shapes and sizes.  They are hosted by a blogger and are a great place to share your blog and find new blogs to follow.  I have met so many new bloggers through these link-ups!  Keep your eyes open for one!
  2. Blog Challenges: I love a good challenge!  I like to stretch myself and try new things.  I also find that I sometimes have writer’s block and need a little outside inspiration.  Here is where the beauty of weekly challenges comes in.  Many bloggers will post weekly challenges.  You can find a challenge on just about any topic.  Dogs?- Yep!  Poetry- You bet!    Photography- Heck, yes!

Another beauty to challenges is that you often get traffic from bloggers with similar interests that you would not otherwise get to meet.

One place I have been wanting to challenge myself is my photography.  Therefore, I have joined in a couple photography challenges recently:

  • Cee’s Photography– She is an amazing photographer and has a variety of challenges, not all of which have to include photography.
  • De Monte Y Mar– Lovely blogger who writes about a variety of topics and hosts a weekly Tuesdays of Texture photo challenge.
  • Dutch Goes The Photo!– Beautiful photography mixed with a fun weekly challenge each Tuesday.  Love that the topic changes each week to keep things interesting!
  • Thursday Doors on Norm 2.0– Another wonderful photographer who has a photography challenge completely focused on the beauty of doors and windows.


Searching for other ways to challenge yourself?  Check out the WordPress Blog Event Listing, for a list of challenges and other events.

daily post.png

Go for it!  Challenge yourself!  🙂


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