Furball Friday: Where’s the snow? (Guest writer: Bailey Boo)


Guest writer:  Bailey Boo the Goldendoodle

Hi guys!  My mom finally let me write my own post!  She usually just posts a bunch of crazy pictures of me and uses my cuteness as inspiration.  I can’t blame her (I mean just look at that face!), but today these words are all mine! 

I convinced my mom to let me write this post today because I have a huge concern that I need to share.  

Where is the snow???

This time last year I was frolicking in fluffy white stuff all the way up to my nose!  During that blizzard, I heard mom say we had 3 feet (although I think she is crazy- I sniffed and sniffed, but I didn’t find a single foot in that snow.)  The neighborhood kids didn’t have to go to school for a week so they played outside all day long, providing me with endless hours of entertainment.  My mom and dad didn’t have to work either so we took nice long walks and cuddled by the fire.  What more could a dog want?

Granted, it was not all fun and games, the snow was so deep I couldn’t find a place to go to the bathroom.  My dad had to shovel me a path to a little patch of grass.  That was pretty much all I could use for a week.  I know I am a creature of habit, but I like to have options when I pee for goodness sake!

I also got very concerned when that white stuff started falling and the wind began howling.  It was so darn loud that it made me sick to my stomach!  I felt awful and just kept running to my mom to throw up.  I was so sick that mom and dad had to brave the blizzard at night to take me to the vet.  Mom did a lot of funny breathing on the drive there, but I was happy because I love the vet!  They always make me feel better and give me loads of lovin’!  I walked out of the vet with a body full of fluids and a smile on my face.

Moral of my story:  I love snow!  The positives outweigh the negatives for me.  So can you guys send me some snow please?  A few inches is all I need.  Just enough to keep my parents home so we can spend some more time together.  Thanks!


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