Our journey to Ephesus, Turkey

The next stop on our European Adventure was Turkey.  Let me start by saying I feel very blessed to have had the chance to visit Turkey.  As I am sure you know, Turkey is currently in a state of great turmoil. Turkey is a beautiful country full of extremely kind people and a rich Biblical history.  I pray that they can find peace soon.

Now, on to celebrating Turkey…


Our cruise ship docked in Kusadasi, Turkey.  This is mainly a tourist port with restaurants and shops.  We took a tour that we booked through Costco.  There was only one other family of 4 with us so it was a very personal tour.  We made 3 main stops on our tour.

  1.  img_2912Virgin Mary’s House in Ephesus, Turkey:  This is the home where St. John took the Virgin Mary after Jesus’ death.  This is a sacred spot visited by both Christians and Muslims alike.  The original house of Mary was restored and combined with her grave site.  The house is now a chapel.img_2915There is also a natural spring at the exit of Mary’s house.  This spring is said to have curative abilities and many people fill water bottles to take home.  Next to the spring is a wall full of intentions for Mary.  This is a very powerful sight.  We placed an intention for our unborn child on this wall.SAMSUNG CSC

2. Ruins of the City of Ephesus:  Ephesus was built in the 10th century BC and was once a major trade center of the ancient world.  It was destroyed multiple times in history by the Goths and natural events.  St. Paul walked the streets of Ephesus and did much of his ministry there.  Some of the city has been restored, but there is still so much left to uncover in the hills of Turkey.





Interesting fact: Whenever a famous person came to Ephesus they would attach a carving of the person’s head to this statue.  However, the body always stayed the same.  Clever and resourceful!






The goddess Nike.  The Nike symbol comes from her swooping garments.



Standing where St. Paul preached to the Ephesians


3.  Kusadasi carpet-making demonstration: Turkey is known for their lavish and extremely well-made textiles.  We went to a very interesting demonstration on how they make silk rugs.  We were served Turkish tea and cookies and got to feel all the different levels of rugs.  I am sure this is a big marketing trick for the local carpet companies, but I found it very fun and informative.  There is no way we could afford one of their rugs but I now have a much higher appreciation for their artistry.



Of course, we couldn’t leave without tasting some authentic Turkish food.  I think this was my favorite meal of all the places we visited on the cruise.  They cook their meat for hours and hours, making it so tender it will melt in your mouth and the seasoning is perfection.


Teşekkürler (thanks) for reading!

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