Challenge Yourself!

I am pretty new to the blogging world.  As a newbie, I am constantly finding fresh and exciting aspects of this world that peak my interest.  My favorites so far:

  1. Blog Parties (aka Meet and Greets, Link-ups, Blog round-ups)
  2. Blog Challenges

Quotes About Challenging Yourself

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Furball Friday: Where’s the snow? (Guest writer: Bailey Boo)


Guest writer:  Bailey Boo the Goldendoodle

Hi guys!  My mom finally let me write my own post!  She usually just posts a bunch of crazy pictures of me and uses my cuteness as inspiration.  I can’t blame her (I mean just look at that face!), but today these words are all mine! 

I convinced my mom to let me write this post today because I have a huge concern that I need to share.  

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Thursday Doors- Santorini, Greece

Today I am linking up with Norm 2.0 for his weekly Thursday Doors.  According to Norm, “Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world.”

I’m drawing from my recent Santorini trip because the colors there are breathtaking!


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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – January 25, 2017

Cee from Cee’s Photography featured me on her blog today for my entry in last week’s Which Way Photo Challenge! I am so honored! I have totally fallen in love with her keen eye for photography and her fun challenges. Go check her out and all the other entries for this week’s challenge!

Cee's Photography

012517ww_3 Speed zone sign in my neighborhood. Notice the little lights. Photo taken near sunset.

This challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, etc. we move from one place to another on.  You can walk on them, climb them, drive them, ride on them, as long as the specific way is visible.  Any angle of a bridge is acceptable as are any signs.

There won’t ever a topic to this challenge.  All you need have is the “way” visible and the main focus of your photo.

Feel free to dig around in your archives for photos if you don’t have anything new you can photograph.

UntitledFeatured Bloggers

This week I’m proud to announce our featured bloggers from my Cee’s Which Way Challenge – January 18, 2017.  These posts for my last challenge grabbed my attention.  Please check out their posts and congratulate them.  Maybe you will be chosen next time.

Living with…

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Tuesday Photo Challenges

First of all, thanks to Cee’s Photography for introducing me to two great new blogs and photography challenges this week.

This is my submission for these two photo challenges.  I think it fits well under both topics of texture and abandonment:

Tuesdays of Texture

Tuesday Photo Challenge- Abandoned


20161022_125847 (2).jpg

Ruins of an abandoned church in Harper’s Ferry, VA

I love the contrasting textures of the leaves and stones in this picture.  It looks like nature has taken on the responsibility of camouflaging this piece of history to protect it.

Walking with the gods in Athens, Greece


On to stop #3 of our Mediterranean cruise…Athens, Greece!  Athens is the capital of Greece and the birthplace of democracy.  The city itself looks like a typical metropolis, until you look up and see the Parthenon staring down at you like a gift from the gods.

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Furball Friday: Cuddle Up and Relax


Let’s just pause for a second and smile at the cuteness overload in this picture! 🙂

The weekend is here!  I don’t know about you, but I am in some serious need of a little R&R.  It is rainy outside, and I just want to cuddle up with my puppy and snooze.

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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Today I am joining in on Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.  I love a good challenge, especially when it involves photography.  I am no pro, but I do have fun snapping pictures!

According to Cee, this week’s challenge: “is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, etc. we move from one place to another on.  You can walk on them, climb them, drive them, ride on them, as long as the specific way is visible.  Any angle of a bridge is acceptable as are any signs.”

My photo for this week is from my favorite place on Earth…Santorini, Greece.

This is a “stairway to heaven” (or perhaps a church), but I like to think it’s heaven since Santorini in my mind is as close as one can get to heaven on Earth.

SAM_1795 (2).JPG




Back at square one

I want the goal of this blog to be positivity amidst the pain of infertility.  However, I also want to be real, in order to relate to others in my situation.  I thrive on positivity, but the fact of the matter is there is a lot of struggle that happens on this journey.  

Last week we received an email out of the blue from our adoption social worker.  Every time I get an email or call from her, my heart skips a beat.  But this time the news was not at all what I wanted to hear.  In a nutshell, she said the agency has not done any adoptions in many many months, and she recommends we go to another agency.  Keep in mind, we have been with this agency for 3 years.  3. LONG. HOPEFUL. YEARS.

Now we are back to square one.

frustration quotes tumblr

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Our journey to Ephesus, Turkey

The next stop on our European Adventure was Turkey.  Let me start by saying I feel very blessed to have had the chance to visit Turkey.  As I am sure you know, Turkey is currently in a state of great turmoil. Turkey is a beautiful country full of extremely kind people and a rich Biblical history.  I pray that they can find peace soon.

Now, on to celebrating Turkey…


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