Furball Friday: Happy Birthday, Bailey!


Happy Birthday to my sweet Bailey Boo!  His actual birthday was on Christmas Eve, but we usually let the holiday craziness pass before we celebrate his big day.  Honestly, every day is Bailey’s birthday.  Bailey is now a whopping SIX years old!  It seems like just yesterday he needed to be carried up the stairs because he was too small and scared.  Now he races us to the top of the stairwell!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with this pooch…

Day 1- bringing Bailey home
Snoozing with his lovey- I swear he was only this small for a day!
He has always loved fetch!  That’s the golden retriever in him.
We said, “No dogs allowed on the couch!”  Yea, that lasted a day.  He claimed the big couch as his and still owns it to this day.
Sometimes he will share the couch with us, but only if we cuddle with him.  He thinks he is a little dog.

IMAG0011 (2).jpg

We love you Bailey Boo.  Thank you for bringing us 6 years of muddy paws, slobbery kisses, and puppy dog cuddles.  You will always be my first baby.


12 thoughts on “Furball Friday: Happy Birthday, Bailey!

  1. TInk here BaileyBoo – and I hope it’s not too late to wish you a happy birthday (I mean since every day is your birthday anyway).

    THANKS for coming to my Party so I could meet and greet you. That party is the best idea I ever had! I thought there were only a few of us fur-faces blogging, but it turns out there are LOTS of us (and our stuff is a whole lot more fun to read than what those 2-legses write, too)

    Mom has barely had any time on our computer since the party started because – of COURSE – she had to let me go say hi to all my new friends. I wish she’d just turn it over to me ALL the time, but she’s not too fond of that idea herself. I’ll still be a Guest Blogger over there, anyway.

    Let’s be sure to keep in touch okay? Since I’m still puppy-sized I like to have a big dog around when I make my rounds. I’m two now, but Mom says this is as big as I’ll ever get (even though some of the other Shih Tzus I’ve met are much bigger – what’s that about?)
    Woof! TINK

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