Husband’s Favorite Gift!

This year my hubby and I did not exchange any Christmas gifts.  We just did a full kitchen renovation and need to save money.  However, my hubby did the whole kitchen reno himself, and I really wanted to say thank you for all his hard work.  (He is still doing finishing touches as I type this.)  So I decided to stay up late and make a BIG and FUN surprise for him… A Scavenger Hunt!!!


This scavenger hunt had 3 stages:

  1.  Breakfast:  Hubby had mentioned that he wanted an egg casserole for breakfast so I whipped up this recipe from The Seasoned Mom.  It was easy and SO yummy!

    Baked Western Omelet 4

My hubs always wakes up before me, so I taped a note to the fridge that said:

“Merry Christmas Eve!  Your breakfast is already made.  Just cook it at 350 degrees for 45mins.  After you put it in the oven, head to the garage for your next surprise!”


2.  During our renovation, the garage had become the dumping zone, and it was a disaster!  So to say thank you, I cleaned the garage.  Big job!  I left this note on his workbench:

“Hubby, thank you for all your hard work in creating our beautiful kitchen.  To say thank you, I cleaned your “man cave” so you can feel comfortable in your space.  Head to your car for the last step in your surprise!”


3. My hubby’s car had become another dumping ground, so I cleaned that out as well.  I seriously think I found 15 different water bottles shoved in the crevices of his car!  Good heavens!  I wanted to also make some coffee for him because I know he NEEDS his coffee, but he has a specialty cold brew that I don’t know how to make, so I did something else instead.  I left this final note on the front seat of his car.

“I hope you enjoy your clean car.  I know you are probably in need of some coffee by now, so take this gift card and head to Starbucks for a nice treat.  Love you!”

Image result for starbucks holiday

Luckily, we have a Starbucks about 2 minutes from our house and there was plenty of time while the casserole was cooking, so hubby was happy to go on a Starbucks outing.

My hubby LOVED this thoughtful gift of service.  He said it was his favorite part of Christmas and something he will always remember.  The best part…it was basically free!  The groceries for the casserole were minimal and would have been part of our usual breakfast anyways.  The Starbucks gift card was only $5 and you could save that money if you know how to make your spouse’s coffee.   This was a gift of time, not money.

A Service Scavenger Hunt is a perfect surprise for any occasion.  Remember, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart…and the heart is not made of money. 

SAM_2370 (1).JPG


19 thoughts on “Husband’s Favorite Gift!

  1. I love this idea! I’m stealing it, hubby will love it. Also, I had to laugh about all the water bottles. My husband’s truck is full of water bottles and coffee cups. Whenever our cabinet is missing all the cups and bottles, I know exactly where to find them! 😁

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