Furball Friday: Baby, it’s cold outside!

Most of us here in the States are in the middle of a polar vortex.  As I type this, it is 16 degrees outside at my house.  That is ridiculously cold!  Bailey loves a brisk walk outdoors, but even he needs to bundle up in this weather.  As biting as the cold is, I love it!  Yes, I LOVE cold weather!


Bailey and I during the 2016 Blizzard

In all honesty, I woul rather be cold than hot.  Anyone else with me?

Cold to me equals hot tea, crackling fires, and cuddling with my little family indoors.

Cold means warm sweaters, fleece leggings, and thick furry boots.

Cold also means SNOW!  It is not snowing yet, but the cold signals that the SNOW is coming!  Maybe it won’t happen today, tomorrow, or even this month…but it is coming.

The current burst of cold reminds me that the best is yet to come.

Whether it be snow, a baby, a new job, or a total surprise…good things are coming!

We just have to bundle up and wait in anticipation.

Get excited because…Baby, it’s cold outside!:) 


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