Stitch Fix Review #3: Nov. 2016- Another winner!

My third Fix has arrived! Although my second Fix was a bit of a sizing disappointment, I decided to give Stitch Fix anther shot.  I wanted some fun Fall/ Winter essentials and boy did Anna deliver!  

IMG_4109 (1).JPG

Stitch Fix is a wonderful company.  I am not sponsored by the company, but I am happy to sing their praises.  Stitch Fix has really transformed the way I view my body and how I approach shopping.  If you want to learn more about Stitch Fix, check out my previous post.  Essentially, it is a personal styling company that works to fit your physical, style, and budget needs.

My last Fix was a bit of a “learning” Fix for me, as nothing quite fit.  However, their Customer Service rocks and was very helpful in ensuring my next Fix would be a better fit.  I asked for the same stylist, Anna, and made some notes in my style profile about the specific fit of some of the brands.  Tip: Go into as much detail as possible in your style profile because it really helps your stylist.  Also, attach a Pinterest board so they can see your personal style.


Love the festive holiday wrapping!

Ok, on to the HAUL!


  1. Liverpool Mira Skinny Pants: I adore this brand.  I have jeans from my first Fix that are from this same brand and I love them.  If possible, I love these black pants even more!  They are the same stretchy jeggings fabric with the amazing zipless waistband.  They hug me without squeezing, and are very versatile.  They can dress up or down.     Verdict: Kept


2. Kut from the Kloth Benter Mixed Material Top: I asked my stylist for some fall florals, so I totally see where she was going with this one.  However, the mix of materials is odd to me.  I looks like it should be a sweatshirt, but it is actually made of a very thin material.  It also wrinkles like crazy, and I feel it is over-priced for the fabric.  My styling card suggested wearing this under a blazer, but it just didn’t look right for me.  

Verdict: Returned

img_39793. RD Style Jasen Poncho Pullover:  Ponchos are super in style this year, but I was not sure how they would look on my small frame.  I didn’t want to make myself look any shorter than I already am.  This poncho took some getting used to, but I LOVE it now!  It makes me feel very stylish.  I actually really like the open and airy sides too.  I pair it with booties to give me some height.

Verdict: Kept




img_39804. Le Lis Stanley Striped Raglan Knit Top:  This top is so soft and flowing.   It is perfectly my style and cute under a vest.  It was a tad big on me, but I really went back and forth on it because I loved it soooo much.  Ultimately, I decided to save my money for something I was sure about.

Verdict: Returned



img_39765. Marc New York Mons Puffer Jacket: When I first saw this I thought, why did Anna send me a jacket?  Then, I realized the sleeves zip off into a vest, which I had asked Anna for.  This is a very stylish and high quality jacket.  It is warm and cozy.  I liked it as a vest too.  However, I don’t need a jacket and couldn’t justify the price for the vest.  The color was also not very flattering for my skin tone.

Verdict: Returned


Overall, I thought this Fix was a total winner!  Moral of the story:  Don’t let one “bad” Fix throw you off!  Use it as a learning Fix, ask customer service for help, and give it another shot!  If you would like to try Stitch Fix, please consider using my referral code so I can get a few dollars towards my next Fix and you get some fabulous clothes.  Thanks!

image1 (9).JPG

Stitch Fix from head to toe on Thanksgiving!

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