Furball Friday: Trimming the tree!

image1 (11).JPG

Happy December!  This is my FAVORITE time of the year!  No matter what holidays you celebrate, this is a time when you can feel the warmth of the season.  We celebrate Christmas, and one of my favorite traditions is putting up the tree.   Bailey loves to help as well.  I am looking for new traditions to try though.  What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

The holidays are full of unique traditions.  Each family has their own.  When people get married, they take traditions from both sides and then create some of their own.  For example, my family always goes crazy with stockings!  I don’t need any presents under the tree, as long as I have a stuffed stocking.  We also watch White Christmas while decorating our Christmas tree.  “The Pilot’s” family on the other hand never really did stockings and rarely watched any Christmas movies.  His family, however, always does a big dinner on Christmas Eve, which I love.

We have incorporated a mix of our two family’s traditions into our Christmas season each year.  However, we haven’t really created any traditions that are unique to our new family of three (Bailey included).  I really want to start new traditions that we can share with our children one day.

For those of you who watch the new show “This is Us” on ABC, you may have seen the Thanksgiving episode.  The episode was full of crazy but special family traditions that had occurred spontaneously after one ill-fated Thanksgiving long ago.  One of their traditions is a family hike before the big Thanksgiving meal.  This would be hard for us to incorporate since we often travel for Thanksgiving, but we decided we would really like to make that a tradition in our family as well.

I love hearing new ideas for traditions.  I want to start some new ones now so my children will have special holiday memories to pass on.

Please share some of your silly or unique holiday traditions!



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