Be thankful for what you DO have.

thankful-mindsetEvery year at Thanksgiving my family has a tradition.  Before we eat, we go around the table and name one thing we are thankful for.  The only rule is that you are not allowed to repeat something that another family member has said.  I love this time for reflection.  As I reflect on 2016, I realize I have a lot to be thankful for…

Being infertile and stuck in adoption limbo can be very discouraging.  It can be easy to get caught up in the negative.  You can easily focus on what you don’t have, as opposed to what you DO have.

In 2016, I am thankful for:

  1. My faith- I would be truly lost without my faith in God’s plan.

  2. My hubby- He is my rock and best friend.

  3. My family and friends- They provide me with such joy and support.

  4. My health- I may not be fertile, but I am alive and functioning.

  5. My Doodle– Bailey is my first “baby” and gives me unconditional love. 🙂

  6. My home- It is safe and warm and cozy.

  7. My travels- We made unforgettable memories in Europe this summer.

  8. My blog- Love the connections and friends I have made through this journey.

Honestly, I could go on forever.  I am blessed.  I don’t ever want to lose sight of these blessings.

Infertility is overwhelming.  It can grab you and hold you underwater, to the point that you feel you are drowning.  The key to coming up for air is…be thankful.  Try not to focus on the one thing you don’t have, and instead focus on the millions of things you do have.  God has not forgotten you.  Quite the opposite…he is just making sure you notice all He HAS given you, before he gives you the greatest gift of all.


Who wouldn’t be thankful for that face?

Be thankful.  


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