Furball Friday #5


The weekend is here, and it is time to let loose!  First, put on your party clothes or borrow some from a friend (Bailey borrowed his outfit from my closet!  No alterations needed! 🙂 ). Then, get your groove on and have fun!!

I am in my best friend’s wedding today.  Unfortunately my dress needed far more alterations than Bailey’s outfit.  (Yes, Bailey and I can share clothes.  It is weird, but I love it!)  However, I am now ready to relax and dance the night away!  Life gets awful heavy sometimes, and I am beyond ready to throw my hands up and forget about things for a night.

Whether you are heading to a party or making your own party at home, I hope you take the chance to put your troubles behind you, even if only for a night.  After all, it is FRIYAY!



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