Stitch Fix Review #2: Their Customer Service Rocks!

My second Stitch Fix came in the mail last week.  My first Fix was such a hit that it took real restraint for me to wait 2 months before scheduling another one.  It was worth the wait though because this time around I got a little surprise from my stylist!


SAMSUNG CSCIf you do not yet know about Stitch Fix, refer to my previous post.  Essentially, it is personal styling service tailored to your needs.  (These opinions are my own, and I am not sponsored by the company.)   It really is an amazingly personal and kind company…read on to find out why.  Even Bailey is excited for you to see!

I asked for Anna to be my stylist again this time because she did such a great job on my first Fix (if you want the same stylist as a previous Fix, you need to ask for it).  Anna surprised me though.  In between these fixes, Anna somehow came across my First Stitch Fix Review.  She said she was touched by it and it made her day!  I am so glad she saw the post because she really does put such personal attention into my physical needs (endometriosis) and style dreams, and she deserves the props. Yay, for the blog world! 🙂


On to the clothes!  I asked for some pretty specific things this Fix.  I also updated my Pinterest board with more fall-inspired outfits.  Pinterest is a very important tool for your stylist to get a peek into your personal style.

**Let me just stop here and say…this was a “learning” Fix.  The sizes in this “Fix” in theory should have worked since they were the same sizes as my last Fix, and some of the same brands. However, unfortunately nothing fit quite right in this Fix.   However, I LOVED many of the items and so I did my best to take pictures that showed off the clothes and not the poor fit on me.  After all, it is ALL ABOUT THE CLOTHES! And don’t worry about me…this story has a happy ending…

  1.  Liverpool Reagan Printed Skinny Pant:  Anna sent these to me because I loved the Liverpool jeggings from my last Fix.  These Reagan leggings fit me like a glove.  However, they did not have quite the same give in the waist that the jeggings have, and I worried a little about my endo tummy’s response after a few hours in them.  The print is a subtle bronze and black plaid.  I love me some leggings but this print just wasn’t my style.  Love the Liverpool brand of pants though and will hopefully get more in future Fixes.  Verdict: Returned



2. Market & Spruce Cotulla Button Back Sweater:  This sweater is a good weight and quality.  The buttons down the back are cute, as are the elbow patches that are very “in” right now.  I had pinned similar sweaters on my Pinterest.  Unfortunately, this was a little too large on me and the “elbow patches” were more of “forearm patches” on me.  They did not have any smaller sizes, so…Verdict:  Returned  😦


3. Market & Spruce Jahana Cargo Vest:  I LOVE this vest!  I pinned a vest very similar to this on my Pinterest board.  Anna was spot on to send this to me.  However, as I learned from this Fix, Market & Spruce clothing runs on the larger side.  As a result, this vest was too big.  As you can see in the pic with the vest zipped, it is not suited to my frame.  However, I did my best to show it off in the pics because I LOVE it.  If has a drawstring waist that ties on the inside and is very flattering.  This is a very hard vest to come by.  I was hoping to exchange it for a smaller size, but there were no more available.  Moral of the story: Ask for this vest and get excited if it is in your Fix!!! 🙂

Verdict: Returned



4. Laila Jayde Taranto Button Back Knit Top:  My stylist suggested wearing this with the Market & Spruce vest, which I think is a super cute combo!  This top is very good quality and has some stretch.  The buttons on the back are a nice detail and very trendy right now.  It is a little “preppy” for my style though and it was also too large on me.  I later found out from customer service that this was available in a smaller size.  If the vest had been in my size, I would have gotten this shirt too because I think they went together well.  Unfortunately, that was not possible.  Verdict: Returned IMG_3975.JPG

5.   Market & Spruce Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top: I asked Anna for long sweaters and this top is certainly that.  However, it was just not a flattering style on me.  No, I am not pregnant, but this top makes me look it.  I have never seen a non-maternity top that is longer in the front, than the back.  Maybe it was just because it was large on me, but just not a fan of this style.  It is also a thinner sweater that I worried may snag easily.  Verdict:  Returned


As you can see, this Fix had a trend for me…wrong size!  This Fix left me rather disappointed and confused about whether or not Stitch Fix was right for me.  Maybe I just got lucky on the first Fix?

I was not ready to give up.  I decided to email their customer service to ask a few questions about what I could do to ensure better-fitting Fixes.  A customer service rep got back to me within 24 hours, and it was not your typical “scripted” email.  She sent a long and personal email, validating my frustrations and giving advice for the future.  She pointed out that I had received 3 Market & Spruce pieces in this Fix and that brand tends to run big.  She made a note in my account that I need to go smaller in this brand.  She also suggested I make a note in my style profile, which I did.  I told her I still wanted to use Anna because I really feel she knows my style.  However, that is not where the emails ended…

Twice, without my asking, she looked at their inventory to see if she could find any of the items in my Fix in smaller sizes.  On the second try, she did find the Laila Jayde top, but as I said above, I decided to pass.  No luck with any other items.

Lastly, which I was not at all expecting, she waived my next Fix’s styling fee.  SO kind!

Was I bummed that I could not buy anything from this Fix? Yes

Am I done with Stitch Fix?  Heck, no!

Have I scheduled another Fix?  Yes, it will arrive next week.

Any company that gives their customers that much personal attention deserves my service.  I love Stitch Fix and you should too!

If you would like to check Stitch Fix out, please consider using my referral code.  I get a few dollars towards my next Fix and you get a great box of clothes!  Thank you!

This month I am linking with Crazy Together and some other fabulous bloggers.

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Stay tuned to see what comes in my next Fix!  Only a week away!  

I can’t wait!!!


2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #2: Their Customer Service Rocks!

    • I hear ya on the prices. Although I have saved a lot of time using SF. I literally don’t shop anymore and just save my money up for SF. They say time is money! And my next Fix just shipped…I peeked…it’s a good one! Fingers crossed that things fit!

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