Infertility: Choosing “all of the above”


I am a creature of action.  I like to be in charge, know what’s coming, and be prepared.  However, infertility and adoption don’t really care what you like.  Infertility tears up any  plans you make and then throws the torn pieces up in the air.  You can run around trying to catch all the pieces and put the puzzle together.  But that would be foolish.  You will never be able to catch them all.  You will never be in control. Only God knows the final product.

SO what do you do?

  1. Do you find new doctors or try new treatments?
  2. Do you find a new adoption agency?
  3. Do you sit back and marvel at God’s plan unfolding?
  4. All of the above

As a teacher I know that the fourth option often tricks people.  Sometimes people are too rushed to even read the last option or they think there can only be one right answer.   But do not overlook this last option.
christ-strengthThere are days when you have the strength to research new adoption agencies or meet new doctors.  Grab hold of that strength and harness it.  Just realize where that strength comes from.  God gives us the courage to move on when it is in His time.  It is all part of his plan.

Then, there are times when there is literally nothing you can do.  Either you are medically, physically, or emotionally unable.  You simply do not have the strength.  During those times choose option #3.  God made the puzzle and will keep connecting the pieces, even when you are too weak to move on your own.

Right now I am choosing option #3.  A few weeks ago I was doing both #1 and #2.  I went to a new doctor, started new meds, and contacted adoption agencies like crazy!  Then, I hit a wall and I felt God tell me to slow down.

I am doing ALL OF THE ABOVE and so can you.  Act when you can and pause when you need to.  Let God take care of the rest.


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