Furball Friday: Happy Halloween!


Monday is Halloween, and Bailey is getting his costume ready!  However, he is having a hard time deciding what to be.  Should he be a yummy “hotdoggie” or brilliant “astropup”?  Please help him decide! 🙂

We have a history of space scientists in our family…hence the astronaut.

And why a hot dog?  Because he just looks too darn cute, that’s why!

It’s also extremely hard to find costumes big enough for Bailey Boo (XXL), so when I see one I snatch it up!

For any of you who were thinking, wow that dog sure puts up with a lot!  You are right, BUT…his patience with our photo shoot didn’t last long…


All done, mom!

So which costume should Bailey wear?!  He would really love your help!

**Update** After an extremely close vote on Facebook, “hotdoggie” was the winner!  (Yes, Bailey got a vote as well. 🙂 )



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