DIY Distressed Picture Frame

This was a quick and easy project that any DIY beginner or expert can do.  I get my artistic side from my grandma.  She was a beautiful artist.  I have a painting of hers that I have always loved, but it was done on a plain canvas and needed a frame.  I found a frame at a local thrift store.  However, it was pray painted gold and I wanted to give it more of an antique look…


Here is a close-up of my grandma’s painting.  Gorgeous, right?  She was so talented.



Step 1)  I do not have a real “before” picture because this is the second time I have redone this frame.  The first time I painted it black and then blue to match our old house.  Because this frame was not plain wood, painting it black first gave it a good base for distressing.  I used Apple Barrel Black Acrylic Paint.  If your frame is painted a bright color like mine was, you will want to paint it black or brown first.

Step 2)  Pick you final topcoat color.  For my most recent revamp of this frame, I used a distressed white look to match the picture going inside.  Paint 2-3 coats.  I did 3 coats because I had a dark color to cover, and I would always rather be safe than sorry.  I find that coverage can look different depending on lighting so it is better to add more so you don’t have to go back later.


Step 3)  After it is completely dry, you get to do the fun part…distressing!  This is a very forgiving process.  Start light at first.  I distress the corners and any high groves that would get naturally distressed.  You can change the grit of your sandpaper, depending on how hard the wood is or the look you are going for.  I just did a very light distressing this time.

Step 4)  If you are not hanging a canvas painting, you can skip this step.   However, if you have a canvas to attach like I did, you will need to screw in 4 canvas clips to attach the canvas to the wood frame.


Step 5)  Admire you beautiful, shabby chic work!

SAM_2181 - Copy.JPG

I love looking at my frame mixed with my grandma’s gorgeous painting.

I think she would be proud. 🙂


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