The Butterfly Effect

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ that releases hormones that control metabolism in your body.  Just like a butterfly’s unique wings, every person’s thyroid is a little different.  Each thyroid flutters about, releasing the sweet nectar of hormones to help the body function.

However, if the thyroid butterfly flutters too quickly or too slowly… The body wilts.

Ironically, I have a fear of butterflies.  Yes, I know that is weird, but it’s a real thing.  Nicole Kidman also has this fear.  It’s true!  Look it up!

Maybe my fear of butterflies stems from  my  wacky butterfly of a thyroid.

Six weeks ago, my general practitioner found that I have an under-active thyroid…aka hypothyroidism (refer to my previous post).  My TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) at the time was 4.7, which is just above the “normal” range.  However, in order to sustain a healthy pregnancy, it usually needs to be under 2.  My doctor put me on 25mcg of Synthroid.  Since starting the medication, I have noticed a couple of changes in my body:

  1. Heartburn…Almost immediately my heartburn went WAY down.  I still get it during the day, but it does not keep me up at night, which is awesome.

  2. Sleep…I was getting about 1 good night of sleep per week.  Lately, I have been getting 2-3 good nights of sleep.  Not great, but definitely better!

  3. Energy…it’s not perfect but I do see an increase, probably from sleep.

  4. Anxiety…I have not had any panic attacks or night terrors since taking the meds.

For my body, I am not a fan of taking meds, unless it makes a large positive impact on my life.  Already, in just 6 short weeks, I have seen such a change in my body that I wish I had been diagnosed earlier.

When I went to my endocrinologist this past week, I knew she would find that my TSH was better, but not right just yet.  As I thought, in just 6 weeks, my TSH has gone down to 2.7…Much better, but still not good enough to get pregnant.

She also tested my antibodies to essentially see if my body is fighting my thyroid and that is why it is under-active.  I have other autoimmune diseases and usually- where there is one, there are many.  Sure enough, my antibody levels are off which means that I also have Hashimoto’s disease.  I also have a Vitamin D deficiency, which is common with thyroid diseases.

Treatment plan going forward: 50 mcg Sythroid and 1000mg Vit D

WOW, that was a lot of information!  I know, I know!  I am overwhelmed too!  I am new to this world and I welcome any words of advice.  Right now, my feelings are mixed…

I am worried because I know that with Hashimoto’s comes an increased rate of miscarriage and infertility.  The stats are not in my favor…and that scares me.

However, I am also hopeful because this is treatable.  Doctors have never been able to offer me a true treatment plan, and I have many friends who have conceived with Hashimoto’s. I have already seen some positive changes in my body and that in itself is marvelous.

So which emotion do I go with?

HOPE…because without hope there is no point in going on…I choose to take the path that will help heal my wilting body.  Hope = Healing

…Never lose hope, friends…



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