Marriage is a gift

In my last post, I talked about our weekend getaway to the beach.  While Bailey loved this trip, the purpose was not solely for his pleasure (though he might disagree 🙂 ).  “The Pilot” and I try to take little trips whenever we can to refocus on our marriage.  I know life can be busy and scheduling in time to relax may seem impossible.  However, if you don’t put your marriage first, everything else will crumble…


Marriage is a gift.  Not everyone is called to it.  As with any gift, we have to treat it with respect, love, and care.  Think of the most precious gift you have ever received (a piece of jewelry, a puppy, etc.).  Now multiple the importance of that gift times a million.  You still won’t even scratch the surface of how important the gift of marriage is.

God has been gracious enough to give us this gift.  However, what we do with this gift is up to us.  And let me tell you…it takes WORK.  HARD WORK.

My all-time favorite thing to do on any family getaway is talking with my hubby.  We seem to have our best heart-to-hearts when we are on vacation, away from the rest of the world.  We never plan our talks, they just happen organically, and that’s what makes them meaningful.  We discuss what is truly weighing on our hearts.  This trip we discussed 3 major topics:

  1. Our financial goals for the future (adoption finances and house projects)

  2. Joining a new adoption agency to broaden our chances for finding our child

  3. Reflection on our relationship (How have we grown and how would we like to keep growing?)


Infertility is a battle, but really every marriage has its struggles.  No matter what your struggle may be, be sure to keep sight of each other.  “Check in” with each other often, and make your marriage your top priority.  You don’t have to spend money on a fancy getaway.  Even just one date night, away from your everyday scene, is extremely refreshing and crucial for your marriage.  You are in this together…take the time to appreciate each other and the beautiful gift God has given you.



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