Weekend Getaway- Doodle loves the beach!

This past weekend “The Pilot,” Bailey, and I went on a little family getaway.  We went to a nearby beach for a couple days.  It was such a great break from the stress of everyday life …and Bailey loved it too!


We are a water-loving family.  We would live on the water, if we could.  Our dream one day, when we retire, is to live on a lake.  In the meanwhile, we try to get in as much water time as possible.


Bailey LOVES the water, although he does not really love to swim.  He will swim in a calm lake (if he has a flotation device to hold in his mouth haha), but the ocean is a little too rough for him.  His favorite things to do at the beach are going on long walks, digging a cool hole in the sand, and napping in the sun.

A family that naps together stays together.

Some of my favorite things to do at the beach are looking for shells (we even found sea glass this time!), reading a good book, playing in the waves, and taking pictures with my pooch. 🙂

However, my top favorite thing to do on any family getaway is talking with my hubby.  More on that next time…

In the meanwhile, what are your favorite vacation spots?  Do you love the water, like we do?  Do you take your pet on vacation with you?


Salty Eskimo-pup kisses


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